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List of International Reverse Phone Lookups

Attempting to perform a reverse phone lookup on a number from a country in which you do not live can be appear daunting. Many countries have stringent regulations that limit the type of information that can be gathered in a number search, making your quest for information slightly more complicated than if you were researching a domestic number.

However, there are several free international reverse phone lookup services that can be of assistance. These services will at least provide you with the name of the individual or company that owns the phone number, as well as the general location of the number. As in the case of American reverse phone lookups, the information must be accessible by the public and listed in public directories in order to be found in the database you use.


If you are uncertain of the country in which the calls are originating, you can start your reverse lookup process at CountryCodes.com. By visiting the website, you can determine the originating country of the number that is calling you. Considering that many reverse lookups for international numbers will ask you to select the country before you can begin your research, having this information is quite helpful.


At NumberWay.com, you can indicate the country in which you wish to perform number search. Then, you can begin your search in the white and yellow pages of many directories on the website. If the number appears in these directories, you will be able to find out some general information about the number.


By performing your reverse lookup for international numbers on FoneFinder.com, you can find out the name, address and country of origin of any phone number in the world. You can also perform a search by city and search by country function on this website.

Canada 411.ca

If you are specifically searching for reverse phone lookup information in Canada, you can use Canada 411.ca to find out the name, general location and phone carrier of any Canadian phone number. However, because Canadian regulations limit the amount of information that can be ascertained on free reverse lookups, you will not be able to find out the specific address of the phone number you search.

The process of conducting an international reverse phone lookup is akin to searching for domestic information, with the exception that you will often need to know from which country the caller is originating.

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