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Legal Cell Phone Location Tracking

Did you know that your cell phone can inform emergency workers as to your whereabouts, even when you are not on the line? Indeed, your cell phone is constantly sending small signals, known as "pings," to the nearest cell phone towers. This enables rescue personnel to be able to track you down, should you ever find yourself in a serious situation where you are in need of saving or emergency aid.

But many may wonder if these tracking mechanisms may be used by ordinary people. If systems like reverse cell phone lookups are legal, can real time GPS phone tracking be legal as well? It is important to learn about what is within the confines of the law for the ordinary civilian looking to utilize cell phone tracking systems.

Legal: Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookups

Luckily, it is completely legal to search for the name and location of a person by running a reverse directory lookup on their cellular number. This can aid people who need to discover the identity of an individual, but only have a cellular number to reference. Reverse lookups can also be a great tool for people who are being harassed or frequently bothered by a pesky mobile phone user. This type of cell phone tracking is completely legal, no matter what you have heard.

Totally Illegal: Real Time Cell Phone Tracking

It is quite possible for someone to obtain the equipment necessary to track a person's location in real time via their cellular signal. It is also completely illegal, which may not be good news to all overprotective moms and dads!

This technology may seem completely warranted for civilian usage in some scenarios. However, if you truly look at the situation, it is probably best if this technology remains reserved only for rescue officials and law enforcement. For example, if this technology was legal for use by the common person, there would be no limits on how and when it could be used. This means that the whereabouts of just about anyone would be accessible to all people, stalkers and predators included.

How to Legally Conduct Cell Phone Tracking

What do you do if you find yourself in a scenario where you need to track someone's location for relatively innocent purposes? There are means available to you. For example, if you would like to track the real time location of your teenager who is new to the road, there is nothing stopping you from monitoring a driver's location through the GPS system in your automobile.

However, when it comes to GPS phone tracking, this practice is truly forbidden for civilians. If you simply must discover the location of a person and have nothing besides their cell phone to work with, you can certainly run a free reverse lookup search to find their address. However, there is absolutely no way for you to legally monitor their every move and change of direction. At the end of the day, this is most likely best for all civilians and their privacy.

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