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Toll-Free Reverse Lookups and 800 Numbers

Most landline and cellular phones are now equipped with caller ID. From time to time, phone owners will see a toll-free number show up with an "unknown caller" message attached to it. Reverse phone number lookups allow phone owners to ascertain the identity of the mysterious persons or organizations making these phone calls.

What toll-free means

A toll-free number begins with one of these three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877 or 866. By calling a toll-free number, a caller does not incur any charges for placing the phone call, instead, the party being contacted is responsible for paying for the call. Toll-free numbers are frequently used for telemarketing purposes, but they are also quite useful for businesses wishing to offer clients a free means of contacting them for customer service.

Toll-free numbers calling your cell phone

Though it is understandable how toll-free callers obtain the information to call a landline number, technically speaking, a cell phone owner should not be receiving calls from unidentified 800-numbers on their mobile phones from telemarketers.

First, mobile service providers do not give or sell cell phone numbers to telemarketers. In addition, current FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to make calls to cell phones.

However, there are still situations in which a cell phone owner may receive unknown calls from toll-free numbers on his or her mobile phone. For instance, if people give their cellular number as their home phone number when they make a purchase, this information is often provided to telemarketers. Also, charitable organizations are exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry rules, and cell phone users may receive calls from non-profits if they have given their cell phone number out to their church or local charity.

Reverse lookup databases

If you want to find out more information about the 800 and toll-free numbers that are calling you, then you can utilize two kinds of reverse phone lookup databases: free and fee-for-service.

If you choose the free online service, you get little more than you would find in the telephone white pages. Entering the telephone number into the free reverse phone lookup service will often pull together publicly available information for the phone number in question.

With fee-for-service databases, you can expect to find the name associated with cell phone, unlisted, and 800-numbers. When supplemental information is available, you may also retrieve information like the phone owner's address and telephone carrier. This information provides several avenues through which to contact toll-free organizations and request to be removed from calling lists.

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